World War T is a side-scrolling shooter. Aliens have been abducting people and stealing their thumbs. It's up to you to board the alien ship and take back our thumbs!

Move - Arrow Key
Shoot - CTRL
Jump - Space 
Aim Lock - Left Shift

This is an entry for the 184th Weekly Game Jam. The theme was Thumb War.

Anthony Mattison -
Jean Chandler -


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Awesome art, and more content than I was expecting. Love the enemy variations, and the elevator effect. Was expecting a boss at the end, but the enemy rush portions work great too.

Thank you for your comment!

We are absolutely going to be updating this game with the additions of checkpoints, more polish to the environments, and a boss scene. We hope you'll come play again at that time!


Nicely game! I got about halfway though level 2. That's a lot of content for a short jam!

I ran into a (very helpful) bug where the character sometimes continues shooting even if the Shoot key is up. I'm guessing it has to do with the way the CTRL key presses/releases are detected. Played in Firefox on a Mac.


Beautiful game (amazing art by yourself ?), well polished with music and a very cool platformer :)

Thank you! For the art, the backgrounds and characters were drawn by Jean while I did the level objects and pickup items.


Wonderful you have a great combo here keep it up :)


Really well done for under a week! I like all the art in the game.

My only critique would be the UI (Buttons in the menu) and the difficulty. Often times I'll fall to my death making me restart at the beginning. 

Overall though really well done!

Thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment!

Our plans for fleshing this game out into a bigger, playable platformer will be to fix up the UI, implement checkpoints, and add more depth to it all. I hope you'll come back to play it when it has its eventual update, haha!

I really appreciate all the tips! :) 

Yeah I kind of phoned it in some on the UI. We plan on doing an update with a little more polish at some point and maybe another level or two.